July 20, 2015

FIFA 16: high rated players

This effect will really only be seen in 16. The market is barren because A) it's a new change and sellers are nervous / cautious and B) because of how inflated prices were, lots of people aren't going to sell on principle of not losing coins.

I think in 16, we're going to see some -much- more reasonable price bands.

But as far as I've read, they already have price bands on Madden and their other sports games. So why test it if it's already being implemented somewhere else. Couldn't they just let FIFA 15 be and develop something similar to what they have on other games for FIFA 16.

I actually suggested few months back that they bring price bands into the next FIFA and I love the idea for FIFA 16. But if they wanna test it on 15, they can atleast they can be intelligent about it and have different price bands on different systems. The number of players on consoles blow the number of players on PC out of the water. Plus Xbox has legend cards too. There is no way that the number of cards out in the economy is the same on the three systems. I can bet that not even one single card has the same weight in even two out of the three systems. So how can price be the same when demand is not the same? Simple economics.. There are no top players left on the PSN market because of this..

I didn't know that but I am glad they don't share the same code, otherwise knowing EA, they would've just copied and used it..

But like I said, I love the idea. I've been advocating on this sub that EA do what they've done. My only issue is doing it in FIFA 16 directly vs testing on FIFA 15. With the number of Fifa 16 coins in the economy already, especially on PSN, it is very unlikely that this will work. Not unless EA ban those generic coin generating accounts that are currently at the top of the leader-boards. Otherwise, the Messis, Ronaldos, etc, will go extinct with only one or two auctions here and there (like it was with TOTY Ronaldo before this).

I think this as a standalone will make FIFA 15 markets worse. EA either needs to ban those glitching accounts (so that the Fut 16 coins they currently have also get removed from the economy), or they need to re-release some of the top cards into packs again (a week with lightening rounds or special packs or something)..

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