July 18, 2015

Great Ideas for FUT 16

So i came up with this idea yesterday and thought I'd share this with you guys. This is probably going to be a long post. My idea keeps the price ranges in effect [Updated every 24-48 Hours] with the removal of club names also included.

Chemistry Style and Position Search Filters for players to be removed: This way, coins sellers cannot search for a unique Chemistry style and Position on a player for selling Fifa 16 coins. For example, If the buyer lists an Aguero at CDM, with Sentinel Chemistry Style, which would be rare, the coin sellers would not be able to specify this card. Making it impossible to sell coins.

Player Stats to be replaced with Fresh/Non-Fresh Cards on the Transfer Market: After player stats are removed from the transfer market, coin sellers can no longer use this unique piece of information to look for specific cards on the market. However, adding the information that whether the card is fresh or not, would satisfy players who look for fresh cards to play with on the Market

Removal of Price and Bin search filters: I'm not really with this idea because i don't fully know the pros and cons of this. I would really love to see your views on this one but i think this would be a big inconvenience to players and therefore am not sure about this.

Also, i don't feel the need for the removal of Contracts/Fitness as there would be Thousands of cards listed on the market and their price would depend on the number of these applied. With Fifa 16 coins ps3, coin sellers cannot distinguish between the buyer's card and another one. This pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin for coin sellers and bringa forward and better FUT Market.

I think this sums up my thoughts and gives a pretty clear idea of my approach. If you find any flaws/loopholes or corrections to be made please suggest them in the comments and I'll add it to the post to make this better and more accurate for a more stable FUT 16 Market. Thanks!

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